Sunday, July 5, 2009


Why in the world should we Malaysian, keep on seeing everything from the perspective of races? Can’t you see it has created a lot of limitation to us? I’m not talking about fairness or equality. Nor I am talking about justice or whatsoever. This might be contradicted with my earlier point of view because I am totally gone for ‘saving-the-Malay’ ideology but now I changed my mind. The biggest mistake in life is when we keep on believing in the same faith as before even when we realized that we were wrong.

From what basis do you think you have a good answer to any questions when you intentionally excluded something in judging it? For what reason do I have to believe your answers is a good answer when I know you had deliberately not being honest and fair in answering it? We need competition. We need a hell lot of pressure. If you really know from where you came, you will not afraid of anything. We need intense situation so that we can rise. I’m getting sick and tired of this entire thing. People often fear of uncertainty, well everything is uncertain actually. Face the fact. Take the risks and face tomorrow.


shahfaliq said...

Hang macam mementingkan kaum hang jugak... haha... tapi hang tengok lah bila depa ada kuasa... depa buat apa??? nak cabut hak2 orang melayu... tengok kes teo tu... mati.. hang taw x MCA, GERAKAN pun pulun... depa tu geng lagi ka??? Gandum btoi.. p curi besi lah

epi said...


hmm..sapa yg xsayang bangsa sendiri..hehe. artikel ni aku tulis bebas drpd pengaruh2 parti politik.

masalah sebenarnya bukan dtg daripada sapa cabut hak sapa or kuasa sapa yang dicabutkan..

klau kita asyik dok pikir pasai cabut, nyawa pun kena cabut gak nanti..pinjaman semata..