Thursday, May 27, 2010


A man invited some friends’ families to his house for dinners.

During the dinner, some of the invited families’ children as usual ask to their dads, saying:” Dad can I have this… that… the other” “Daddy, can I have the potato chips…this .. that ..and the other…” The usual stuff that happen during meals with children.

The man got very upset and said to the guests:” Please forbid your children from using the word “Daddy” ”

The guests ask:”Why?”

The man said: ” Because my children call me “Daddy”, they may get confused if your children also call you “Daddy”. They may mistake you to be their Daddy.”

The guests: “But they have been doing that since they were born. And everybody do that everywhere!”

The man replied: “Well, you can do it elsewhere but not in my house!!!”

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