Friday, June 19, 2009

Trinity Of Us

This article was written in December 2008 originally posted at my old blog page.

In Malaysia, we chose to live together. We chose integration instead of amalgamation. It is trinity of us. To be precise, Malay, Chinese and Indian, the major races that had pledged to lived together since 1969.

Toleration had brought us this far. Our pledges, our oath to be together in no matter what happened. Look at us now, where the hell is our solidarity. Some people say that we never had it, but I still believed we have it. It’s just we can’t see it.

Perception, prejudice, all the stereotyping things make it worse. There’s something that we must give and something that we can’t take. We can’t have it all.

The politician acted like a child, like a megalomaniac who doesn’t know enough about their own ancestors. Yet, they talked too much about things they don’t even know. They know how to keep poisoning the people to hate each others. They’re just too greed to take what supposedly not belongs to them. They just know how to quarrel like a pig in parliament.

Issues like road signs should not be a big issue for us. But it seems to be a big problem to them. I can’t see any rationale behind that. They keep playing with our sensitivity, talking about crap instead of doing their job.

They talked about liberalization, democratization, riots, public protest and all the things that have been propagated by the West. Sorry to say, we don’t need that. We have our own version of liberalization and democracy. We can live by ourselves. We are Malaysian. We have our own style.

I can’t help but to conform with Tun Mahathir’s words when this great man said,

“Actually we are all racists. It’s nothing that we should be ashamed of. Take that as a positive connotation. We have our own race. We love our own race. We struggle for our own interests.”

Let alone Malay with their own supremacy, Chinese with their economic matters and Indian with their cultural practices.

Whether we are Bumiputras, Chinese or Indians, we are all the same. We need each other. Or else the trinity might not complete. It will not work by itself unless we make it worked. And the miracle will come.

See, that’s not the problem. All we need is to live in peace.

As my father once said to me, the setting up of Malaysia from the early leaders is the only right setting that fit for us. There’s no need for us to alter and modify it. Just live with it.

Dear Anwar Ibrahim, Nazri Aziz, Hadi Awang, Teresa Kok, can you see it?

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